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 stilyzed asked: I seriously do NOT understand why you're getting so much shit from these anons. Of course you made the themes! I mean, using a base code is practically inevitable and at least you credited 0racular! Also, to be perfectly honest, a lot of glamour/luxury blog theme makers have similar styles when it comes to themes so maybe there was some misconception there. Anyways, I love your themes and you should keep going! You're really talented. Whatever you do, don't listen to the anons!


Thank you so so much rosemary!!! this is too sweet, love! ☺ x

 i-prefer-diamonds asked: Hi love<3 in a brief message could you tell me because i have a theme i made but idk how to make it like yours where u press themes on the navi and then from there i get the

Hi taffy! i checked your blog and i think you’ve done this already, so sorry for replying late, i wasn’t able to go online here for the past few days ☺

How to Fix Links or Stats that are Not Working

NOTE: Do not replace the first {text: link 3}, {text: link 4}, {text: stat 1} and {text: stat 2} tags you see, replace the second ones!


1. Go to Customize Theme

2. Click Edit HTML

3. Find (Ctrl + F): {text:link 3} and replace it with the URL of your first custom link (NOTE: always put “http://” on the beginning of the URL)

i. e. BEFORE: <a href=”{text:link 3}">{text:link 3 title}</a></div>

AFTER: <a href=”">{text:link 3 title}</a></div>

4. Find (Ctrl + F): {text:link 4} and do the same for your second custom link

5. Click Update Preview, then Save

6. Go to Appearance

7. Scroll down to see Link 3 title and Link 4 title, then replace them with the titles of your first and second custom links

8. Click Save, then Close

STATS: these should work once you install the theme, but in case it doesn’t…

1. Go to Customize Theme

2. Click Edit HTML

3. Find (Ctrl + F): {text:stat 1} and replace it with your first stat

4. Find (Ctrl + F): {text:stat 2} and replace it with your second stat

5. Click Update Preview, then Save

6. Close

 Anonymous asked: love your theme 2 beautiful

Thank you! i’m glad you do ☺ 

Live Preview | Get the Code

Two Column Posts
Infinite Scroll
Tiny Cursor (optional)
Fancy Scrollbar
Blinking Title
Color Customization

Live Preview | Get the Code

  • Two Column Posts
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Tiny Cursor (optional)
  • Fancy Scrollbar
  • Blinking Title
  • Color Customization
 g-l-a-m-o-u-r-d-i-n-e-r asked: I really think you did the themes :) Great job xx I too do tweaking of themes but places credits still :))

No worries, the truth always prevails haha ☺ thank you, love! x

 xoxoangelinee asked: Hi sissy! Don't mind that anons she is just making you stop making themes. To anons: She is making hard for the themes then your just making fun of them! And she is just trying to make themes she is just experiencing so sorry just leave my sister alone! ☹

Thank youuu

 Anonymous asked: the theme on this blog looks really similar to the one on themesbyluxuriousindulgence... and you didn't even credit her..

Err? i don’t think so ☹ i think the only thing that looks alike is the navigation part, love! if someone really worked hard on something, and i used that something, i wouldn’t keep the credits for myself! i gladly give credits to anyone that contributes to my works ☺

 Anonymous asked: i think the theme everyone is talking about is chanelbelletheme14. i don't mean to put you down but your theme 2 looks awfully similar to the theme by flawless-themes, sweetie! but your theme 1 is really great :)

Yes, that theme and my theme 2 have one column posts, and the navigations look alike; i think that’s why the other anon thinks all my themes are from flawless-themes, but no they are certainly not ☺ i, myself, have worked hard on that theme using one of 0racular’s themes as a base codes, and his themes are the only themes i tweaked! but i appreciate how nicely you’ve said that! thanks x

 Anonymous asked: all your themes are from flawless-themes please don't make the credits as yours or else we'll report you.

No it is not from flawless-themes; there maybe a theme/themes that look like the ones i have, but all credits go to 0racular and angeluxious ☺